What is hydroponics?

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            Hydroponics is a sub-category of the hydro culture. Hydro culture involves growing plants in water based environment. Hydroponics or hydroponic system uses mineral-filled solutions for feeding your plants in water, without using soil. Those people that enjoy growing own plants love the hydroponic system as it gives them opportunity and pleasure to grow and consume own food. Now you can grow any plant you want at any period of the year without any limitations. This relatively simple farming system is easy to use, so anyone can take advantage of it and grow their favorite plants at home.

Hydroponic is Latin word meaning ‘working water’. In simple words, hydroponics is the ability to grow plants without using soil. Many people associate hydroponics with plants that grow vertically and their roots hanging in water. This is the so-called Nutrient Film Technique of the hydroponic system, or NFT. NFT has other variations as well, but this method is very popular to many places in the world. Hydroponic gardening system is great both for commercial producers of food and for amateur gardeners. There are many advantages that come with this system. It differs from soil-based gardening in way that plants in this system do not require long roots to get the nutrients. In hydroponics gardening system, plants are hanging high and they easily acquire the necessary nutrients from their roots. There are several types of growing methods under the hydroponics system. Besides the mentioned Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), there is also aeroponic system, water culture system, flood and drain, drip system and wicks system.

Many people wonder why hydroponics system works well. The answer to that question is simple. Through this system you are giving your plants what they need at the times they need it. The plant in return grows as healthy as possible, and growing plants in water is lot easier than growing them in soil. By using hydroponics, plants grow in an inert medium. They have a perfect pH balance and their roots get the exact nutrient amount they need. The plant requires just a small effort to uptake the food, while in soil-based farming plants need to search for nutrients in the soil and extract food. You can easily see the difference between soil growing and hydroponics if you grow two exact plants side by side by using the two methods.

Hydroponics is getting more popular with each day and many people are starting to use it worldwide. There are tons of chat groups on Kik Girls talking specifically about hydroponics and window farms. Not only it is better and faster way for growing plants, but it also gives you greater yields. If you are interested in farming your own food then you should definitely consider hydroponics. You do not require much space and you will certainly get quality food all year long. Go a bit deeper into details of hydroponics and you will see that this technique has numerous advantages over soil-based farming. As soon as you start with hydroponics you will never go back to soil-based farming. Make a small investment, try hydroponics and enjoy eating healthy food year-round.

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