What grows well with a window farm?

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            Indoor farming is becoming very popular and many urban people are choosing to grow plants even if they live in a smaller apartment without outdoor space. Not only window farming is a great hobby, but you can also enjoy consuming fresh and organic herbs and vegetables year round. With window farming you can grow all kinds of vegetables hydroponically despite the season or time of the year. Window farms are a great item to show off to casual dates you meet from websites such as Meet N Fuck. Even in harsh winter months you can enjoy your homegrown vegetables. Window farm gardening is a perfect solution for those people that live in the cities and that do not have enough space for planting. Window farms use natural light and do not take much of the interior space. The water that is filled with nutrients is constantly pumped at the base and it goes down from each of the bottles. The roots of the plants are constantly watered and plants are efficiently taking all the necessary nutrients. The water and nutrients that are not absorbed go down into the reservoir and are later pumped again.

Window farms involve a system of tubes and pumps, a timer and containers for growing plants. The water that is being pumped from the base to the top runs very slowly throughout the system and soaks the roots. You may need an additional light in order to encourage the growing process. Good thing is that you can find all kinds of plans online if you want to learn how to build your window farm from scratch. Those that do not have much time for building window farms can purchase a kit that is not very hard to install.

Typical window farm can hold between twenty and thirty plants in a window with dimensions of six inches in width and four inches in height. You have no limitations when it comes to growing, except you cannot grow any root vegetables. Kale, herbs, chard, strawberries all work well in a window farm. The optimal number of plants you can grow in a window farm is 25, and it also includes cherry tomatoes, peas, peppers, marigolds, lettuce and many more others. Usually urban gardeners choose to grow productive vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, beans, peppers or strawberries. These are often used as part of different foods, and with window farms you can have them all year long at your disposal. Besides these, carrots and spinach also do not take much space when growing and work well with a window farm. Good thing is that the harvest is abundant, so you can grow a lot of them within a short time period.

As you can see, having a window farm is a great option if you live in an urban area and if you do not have an outdoor space for gardening. Growing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs is great if you want to eat healthy and improve your life. Now when you know what grows well with a window farm you can start farming and enjoy everything that comes from your window farm.

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